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Who We Are

Bizmatexbpo is a Business operation outsourced with numerous servicing and solutions for brands and businesses based in Cyprus. We, as a company started our platform in the year 2021 March ,to establish a fast growing company with the aim of creating high performances by having nearly 40 staffs working. We’re one of the most prominent sources of businesses that provide solutions for B2B & B2C clients from small to large scale businesses. We’re agile, driven and have deep expertise in making contact, more effective and compliant. Bizmatexbpo is one of the corporations that bring forth excellent service BPO service to both, locally and internationally. The main expedition we carry out throughout the business platform is assisting in the growth of small and large scale businesses, seeking for Business Process Outsourcing services.


To Provide high – quality bpo service locallY & internationally


Support small & large scale businesses who are seeking BPO services.

Low In Cost

It’s our attention for our prices to be competitive and fair, that would be ideal to your need of the business, to both organizations that will fit perfectly to your budget. We bring our diverse background of telemarketing as a main aspect to support businesses that is worth it. We understand that your money and our price reflect the value that you gain from our services. Our price is fair and transparent, as most of it is fixed, and there would be no upfront fee facility.

Quality in Service

Working well together, inside and outside the company is important to any rewarding business. The willingness to make sacrifices and work harder In the name of mutual benefit is one of the most important things our clients appreciate and puts into practice. The team, as a whole works day and night to lay out high quality service.

Experienced Employees

The company’s business core is promising and quality employees. We take the time to continuously improve both the process and  our results. Our team is well trained and experienced to carry your work on behalf, that concerns on your business outsource management.

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